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When is the Right Time to Book a Ski Transfer?

If you’re organising a ski holiday this winter you may be thinking about when the best time to book a ski transfer is. We know there are a lot of elements to put together on an independent winter holiday, and quite often the journey between the airport and ski resort gets bumped to the last on the list.

Skiers on a chairliftAt Snowcompare we’re very realistic that transfers usually come after booking your accommodation and flights, but you should definitely be thinking about them throughout the holiday booking process too. Whereas on the majority of summer holidays you tend to land fairly close to the resort and a local taxi can take you – you don’t necessarily want to be relying on that option for a ski holiday.

Due to their mountainous nature, most ski resorts are a good 2+ hours from the local airport. There are exceptions to this of course, but if you’re looking at skiing in France, Italy, Austria or Switzerland then there is likely to be a fair journey awaiting you. Failure to book a ski transfer could lead to a very expensive journey, if one is available at all.

Ski gondola and piste basherIn our eyes, the best time to book a ski transfer is at the same time as you are booking your flights. At a push it could be straight after you’ve booked flights, but try to consider the two elements as pretty much the same importance. Booking the cheapest flights might lead to more expensive transfers, and vice-versa, so best to look at them together.

It’s also best to book a ski transfer as early as possible if you can. Last minute deals rarely exist in this market, and the early booker is more often than not rewarded over those who leave it late. Here’s just a couple of reasons why booking a ski transfer early will save you time, money and hassle in the long run:



We realise that ski holidays are inherently an expensive affair. It’s unfortunate, but if you book a ski transfer early then you get the choice of the companies – and therefore can find some real bargains. Snowcompare puts all the best local companies together on one page. We’re upfront about the cost of a private ski transfer and we show you them right next to each other. If you’re early to book then you can select the cheapest transfer safe in the knowledge that no one else will have booked them yet…



Unfortunately there are only a finite amount of transfer vehicles working in ski resorts across Europe. Although Snowcompare shows you the best and cheapest transfer companies – these are also the ones which are likely to get booked up first. If you don’t book a ski transfer in a timely manner then you are more likely to be choosing from the more expensive suppliers.


Peak Weeks

During busy times such as school holidays it is very likely that the vast majority of transfer companies will book up extremely quickly. The remaining suppliers can either put their prices up or be more selective about the journeys they take. Long story short – if you are travelling on a peak ski week then it is vital to book a ski transfer well in advance or you may find yourself struggling to find anything suitable at all.


There are many more reasons to book a ski transfer early, but those are probably the most important. Here at Snowcompare we’re helping skiers and snowboarders get the best ski transfer deals by putting local companies together on our website. Simply enter your travel details once and you’ll see all our partners working in that area, the price they charge for a transfer, and their availability. Using makes it easier than ever before to organise your independent ski transfers…




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Robert Carnie

Easy to use website and quick confirmation of booking

Very easy to use website, and confirmation of booking request received very quickly. Hopefully, the transfer will work as booked.

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Trusted Customer

Fantastic deals and customer service

Excellent customer service , lots of communication throughout which was above and beyond what I expected. Also easy to navigate website which found a great deal

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Richard Wait

Straightforward enough booking process

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As easy as bending your knees!

booking ski trip airport to resort transfers can be a minefield, expensive and a bit of a lottery. I found this new service via a Google search and it could not be easier to review transfer operator options - their prices and their respective user reviews. Once I had completed the booking process I got a confirmation email the same day that the return transfer for 6 people had indeed been confirmed by the operator. Just what was needed.

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Trusted Customer

Perfect service - thanks!

Great service thank you!! Saved me so much time by not needing to trawl through the various transfer companies on google and requesting quotes on each, I'm also confident that I got the best price through Snow Compare. I even messed up by booking completely the wrong dates first time round but Dave at SC quickly sorted this for me.

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