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Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of this document the terms ‘’ and ‘Snowcompare’ refer to the company SNOWCOMPARE LIMITED; registered limited company 10304661 in England & Wales, and whose registered office is: 6 Landywood Green, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall, WS6 6QX.

The term customer refers to any person who has booked any single or multiple service at, and with whom we have confirmed the booking received and processed payment for.

The terms ‘supplier’ and ‘3rd party company’ refer to any company or service provider that Snowcompare has agreed to partner with and advertise on behalf of.

The terms ‘booking’, ‘service’ or ‘product’ refer to any travel option that has been booked, paid for and confirmed by Snowcompare.

These terms & conditions apply to all services booked at as well as via any 3rd party companies, including on mobile devices, by email, or by telephone.

By using the website to browse, advertise or book any service both customer and supplier are confirming that they have read, understood, and agree to these terms & conditions, as well as our website terms & conditions, and our privacy policy.

We reserve the right to amend these terms & conditions from time to time.

Scope of Service

Through the website we provide an online platform through which suppliers can advertise their products and services for booking, and through which customers can make such bookings.

By making a reservation or booking through customers enter in to a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the specific and chosen supplier.

From the point at which a booking is made Snowcompare acts solely as an intermediary by transmitting details of the booking along with full payment to the supplier, and by sending the customer a confirmation email detailing the booking.

This confirmation email sent to both parties signals the conclusion of any contract between the customer and Snowcompare, and signifies the beginning of a new contract between the customer and the supplier.

The information that we disclose to customers is based on the information provided to us by suppliers – who are given access to an extranet through which they are fully responsible for updating all rates, availability and other information displayed on our platform.

Although we use reasonable skill and care in maintaining we will not verify if, and cannot guarantee that, all information is accurate, complete or correct, nor can we be held responsible for any errors, inaccurate, misleading, or untrue information or non-delivery of services.


The Snowcompare platforms allows customers to search for, compare and book specific travel products and services. Although bookings and payments are taken through the Snowcompare website, none of the services are operated by us.

Snowcompare is not the service operator nor the contractual partner for the customer.

By placing a booking on the customer agrees to be bound by the terms & conditions not only of Snowcompare, but also of that specific 3rd party company.

These terms and conditions can be viewed on the website of that supplier and the customer is deemed to have read, understood and accepted them.

Once a booking made with Snowcompare has been confirmed by the supplier then a contract has been entered into between the customer and that 3rd party company. This signals the conclusion of any contract between us and the customer.

Suppliers have 24 hours to confirm they accept any bookings. If they cannot accept then the customer will be notified and given an alternative option if one is available. Customers have the right to accept or refuse this alternative supplier as they wish.

Although customers have entered their payment details prior to this action, no withdrawal is made until either the chosen supplier has confirmed, or the customer has accepted the alternative supplier.

No fee is charged by Snowcompare to the customer for these services.

All insurances and licenses will be held by the relevant local supplier, not Snowcompare, and we shall have no responsibility to ensure the suitability of suppliers or to ensure that their insurance remains current.

Any, and all claims for changes in booking or refunds requested by the customer will be asserted against the supplier and not Snowcompare.

Privacy & Data Protection

Snowcompare takes the security of all customer details very seriously. All information relating to data protection can be read in our website privacy policy.

By booking or contacting us all customers will be automatically added to our internal mailing list.

By booking with Snowcompare the customer is consenting to the supply of their data to the relevant 3rd party supplier. This information is limited to; name, email address, phone number, hotel name and journey details.

Our merchant banking partner processes payment details and encrypts them. No financial information is ever viewable by Snowcompare their employees, or 3rd party suppliers.


Snowcompare does not act as an organiser or travel agency at any time. Once a booking is made and confirmed then the terms & conditions of the respective supplier apply exclusively, specifically relating to cancellations, withdrawals, changes, or delays.

Any questions or disputes regarding either a change of service or a breach of contract will be between the customer and that supplier, not Snowcompare.

Snowcompare accepts no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss sustained on, during, or surrounding any service booked through our platform. All liabilities are assumed by the supplier in these instances.

Snowcompare is not liable for the accuracy, quality, or completeness of information provided by 3rd party companies. Nor are we liable for the credibility or reliability of customer-created information and reviews.

Although supplier information is checked before it is published on the Snowcompare website, it cannot be regarded as an endorsement or recommendation of that 3rd party company.

Any user-generated content or reports on our website do not reflect the opinion of Snowcompare or any of our staff. We reserve the right to adjust, refuse or remove any customer reviews in our absolute discretion.


By entering details on our supplier page, 3rd party companies agree to the terms & conditions laid out here.

Suppliers remain responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information relating to their company and services. This includes all photographs, rates, prices, descriptive information, and availability / non- availability.

Suppliers assume sole responsibility for ensuring all appropriate and required licenses and insurances are correct and fit-for-task, complying at all times to the local statutory minimum requirements at the very least.

By uploading photos / images / words onto suppliers certify that they own the copyright and that Snowcompare may use these on any of our platforms, marketing or publications as we see fit.

Suppliers also agree that anything uploaded to Snowcompare will be accurate and a fair representation of their service. The accuracy and validity of any supplier information is assumed by the company adding the information.

We reserve the right to adjust, edit, remove or refuse any supplier information in our absolute discretion.

Suppliers have 24 hours to confirm any bookings and forward any additional travel details to the customer. After this time the booking will be voided and put out to other partners to bid on the business.

Suppliers will be paid in full for services at the time of confirmation. The amount paid will be as per the commission structure agreed with Snowcompare.

For the purposes of cancellations, customers will come under the supplier’s terms and conditions from this point onwards. Any cancellations will not impact on the commission rate already charged by Snowcompare.

Customers confirming a booking through will have their information forwarded to the relevant supplier. This concludes their contract with us and signifies the entrance in to a contract with that supplier and that they are subject to their terms & conditions. This includes all cancellation, delay, or no-show policies relating to those terms & conditions.

Any disputes between the customer and supplier will be solely between those two parties.

Any additional costs or refunds will not affect the commission rate agreed by Snowcompare on the original journey price.

Suppliers may either enter their prices in £ or € and customers can choose to pay in either £ or €. Snowcompare manages the currency exchange rate on our platforms and ensures that it follows current market rates as accurately as possible.

To the extent permitted by law, these terms and conditions and the provision of our services shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law, and any dispute arising out of these general terms and conditions shall exclusively be submitted to the competent courts in England – regardless of the customer’s country of origin or the supplier’s country of business operations.


Service Rating

Robert Carnie

Easy to use website and quick confirmation of booking

Very easy to use website, and confirmation of booking request received very quickly. Hopefully, the transfer will work as booked.

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Trusted Customer

Fantastic deals and customer service

Excellent customer service , lots of communication throughout which was above and beyond what I expected. Also easy to navigate website which found a great deal

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Richard Wait

Straightforward enough booking process

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As easy as bending your knees!

booking ski trip airport to resort transfers can be a minefield, expensive and a bit of a lottery. I found this new service via a Google search and it could not be easier to review transfer operator options - their prices and their respective user reviews. Once I had completed the booking process I got a confirmation email the same day that the return transfer for 6 people had indeed been confirmed by the operator. Just what was needed.

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Trusted Customer

Perfect service - thanks!

Great service thank you!! Saved me so much time by not needing to trawl through the various transfer companies on google and requesting quotes on each, I'm also confident that I got the best price through Snow Compare. I even messed up by booking completely the wrong dates first time round but Dave at SC quickly sorted this for me.

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