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Why Are Ski Transfers So Expensive?

The price of ski transfers is something that we see mentioned a lot. Whether it’s online, or just being discussed during apres-ski in the bar; The price of ski transfers is definitely something that gets people talking.

The main reason we started Snowcompare was to make ski transfers cheaper for everyone. While we don’t set the transfer prices themselves, by putting transfer companies on one website we make it easier for skiers to compare prices and get the best deals.

As well as using it is possible to save a packet on ski transfers when planning your holiday. We’re looking at some of the main reasons ski transfers can seem expensive, as well as some of the ways you can make them a lot cheaper.


It makes sense that ski transfer prices are calculated based on the distance travelled. As you would expect, petrol and drivers working hours are the main considerations here. When covering the large distances involved in some ski transfers a driver may only be able to do one return journey in their daily regulated working hours

Snowy road in Swiss Alps

One simple measure to reduce your ski transfer cost is to select a ski resort with a shorter transfer distance. For example; if you’re landing at Geneva airport then Morzine is just over an hour drive away while Val d’Isere is over three hours by road.

It makes sense that Val d’Isere’s transfer cost is going to be around three times as much then. Choosing an amazing ski resort will be key to having a great holiday, but if you want to save money on ski transfers choosing a resort in close proximity to an airport will be one major way to do this.

Day of the Week

In the Alps almost 90% of ski transfers happen on a Saturday or Sunday. This is dictated by hotel changeover days, which in turn are designated to allow the most convenience for holidaymakers.

When it comes to ski transfers though travelling on a weekend may not be the most convenient, and certainly won’t be the cheapest. On busy days there are not enough vehicles on the roads to cover the demand. Many companies will often set a higher price per journey knowing that there is this huge demand.

If you have the flexibility to travel mid-week then there are some huge reductions on transfer prices available. Transfer suppliers will sell their journeys at up to 50% of the Saturday price – and if you find mid-week changeover dates it will lead to a much cheaper ski transfer.

Time of the Year

As with all holiday services, the time of year you are travelling is key to securing a great deal on ski transfers. Unfortunately those with children will be limited to the Christmas / New Year holidays as well as half-term and Easter (depending on how late in April it falls). Transfer companies don’t raise their prices as much as hotel and flight companies do, but it will definitely be harder to secure a cheap rate during school holidays.

Ski bus transfers

Again, if you have the flexibility to travel outside of school holidays then the price of ski transfers will be significantly cheaper. Also, i you want to save more money on every part of your ski holiday then you could even try going in very early or very late in the season. This may be a risk in terms of the snow conditions, but for high altitude resorts like Val Thorens it shouldn’t be a problem. This will also put you in a much better position to get a really cheap transfer to resort too.

Number of Passengers

It’s something we’ve touched on in other blogs, but is definitely worth mentioning again… The vast majority of ski transfer providers will us eight passenger minibuses for their work. If you’re travelling in a group of eight people then the cost per person can be split down to a manageable amount.

If you’re travelling in a couple then you’ll be splitting a very similar (although usually a little reduced) transfer price between just two people. While having the space of six empty seats is nice, it’s likely that the price of this private transfer will put you off.

Shared Transfers

Between most airports and ski resorts in Europe there exists a shared transfer service of some sort. Some will be public buses, while others will be private companies running a shared transfer service. In almost all cases though shared transfers will be better value than private taxis – especially when travelling in a smaller group.

Airport to ski resort transfers

Shared transfer services will vary between large coaches making regular stops along the route, or smaller minibuses which will travel directly to local ski resorts. While these services won’t be as convenient as a private transfer – there may be some waiting around, or walking to your hotel door – they will certainly be much kinder on your wallet.

Book Early

One last piece of advice when booking ski transfers – is always to book early. The vast majority of people understand now that to get the best deals on flights you need to be booking up well in advance. Ski transfer prices don’t increase in quite the same way, but in order to secure the best deals you will need to be front of the queue.

Most smaller transfer companies may only run one or two vans. This brings their overheads down and reduces their prices, but it also means that they get booked up very early on. Snowcompare work with all sizes of company, but we regularly see customers who book their ski transfers as early as August saving up to £100 on the price of a return private transfer.

If you’re looking to save money on your ski holiday transfers then is the best place to start. By bringing together the best licensed transfer companies we’re able to ensure that our customers get the cheapest ski transfers available from our reliable and reputable partners.


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I was booked with Amber Transfers. They cancelled the transfers that I had booked with them 2 days before my outbound flight. I then had to scramble to get an alternative set of transfers at higher cost. They then refused to refund me promptly, so I had to report them to Mastercard via Revolut as not delivering the services that I already paid for and after 4ish weeks I got a full refund. In short, they wasted a lot of my time.

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