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What’s Been Happening at Snowcompare

It’s been a little while since our last blog post, and we apologise about that. The truth is that we’ve just not been that sure what to write. The world has changed and the world of travel has certainly changed. We missed a whole ski season, and while there are certainly more important things going on right now – the ski travel industry supports a lot of full and part-time staff who have needed assistance during this time.

We’ve also been making sure that anyone who booked their ski transfers through for the 2020/21 season has been kept fully informed of what is happening, and has been refunded or rebooked for their journeys. It’s was incredibly disappointing to not be able to transport any of our amazing customers last winter but we still did the best we could considering the circumstances and the constantly moving goalposts.

It’s not all doom and gloom these days though – it looks very likely that the UK will be able to return to its ‘new normal’ on 19th July, and that is good news for travellers – even though we are still waiting on the confirmation of how this will affect international travel. It certainly seems as if those people with double vaccinations will be able to travel – and that by December all adults who want to be vaccinated will have been.

For us this is a real positive situation and we are preparing as we normally would for a full winter ski season in 2021/22. Some of our smaller partners have made the difficult decision to stop trading, but we still have plenty of great companies working with us this year. Transfer services are available to book right now. You can secure bookings with a deposit, and each partner’s T&Cs regarding changes and cancellations are available to view on their profile pages at anytime before, during or after booking.

We genuinely believe that this is the winter where all us skiers and snowboarders will be able to enjoy a holiday again. Everyone in the industry needs for this to be a bumper year for bookings, and we definitely hope it will live up to that. Certainly, if you are planning to travel on a busy week this year it is recommended to book your airport to ski transfer nice and early in order to avoid disappointment. Luckily, is here to help you find and book the cheapest airport to ski resort transfers available from reliable and reputable partners.


Service Rating

Marcus Johnson

Above and beyond

SnowCompare has been a great experience. First off, the standard service is great - comprehensive comparison of lots of different transfer services and I got a really good value quote. I was slightly hesitant about booking with a transfer company I'd never heard of, but they were really good. Communicated well, found us a replacement driver when our original driver was stuck in horrendous traffic on the day of our transfer. The service from Dave and SnowCompare was also fantastic. After I discovered I'd booked our return transfer for the wrong day, because I'm an idiot, Dave took a call at about 8:30 am on a Saturday and proceeded to do his best to find us a replacement transfer. Great service.

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Martin Wainwright

Great service

I couldn’t ask for more. The site gave me the opportunity to get the best value and I was kept up to date with all the booking. I would definitely use again.

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Annabel Bevan

Made everything easy and enjoyable !

Amazing service. Answered all my questions by return and made everything easy. The drivers they found for me were polite, on time and drove safely.

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Trusted Customer

Quick confirmation and constant updates via email. Great professional serv

Quick confirmation. Good to receive constant updates via email. Very professional and efficient service.

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Lindsey Froud

Easy to use comparison site

Quick response to my enquiry. Confirmation received quickly and follow up email. all very efficient so far

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