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Stay Informed: Weekly Roundup of Alpine News.

Welcome to our latest update, where we bring you the most exciting happenings in the Alpine region. This week, we’re focusing on the Iseran Pass, an iconic destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Cycling Adventure: Conquer the Iseran Pass

If you’re an avid cyclist, the Iseran Pass should be on your bucket list. As the highest road pass in the Alps, reaching an altitude of 2770 meters, it offers breathtaking views and a challenging ride. Starting from Val d’Isère, you’ll ascend through spectacular scenery, flirting with the glaciers of Val d’Isère and the Vanoise. The pass is part of the legendary Route des Grandes Alpes, making it a must-visit for anyone exploring this historic route.

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Scenic Routes and Trails

The area around the Iseran Pass is a paradise for cyclists, with numerous routes to explore. The Grandes Alpes road and the Bike Park Tignes – Val d’Isère trails offer a variety of terrains and difficulties, ensuring there’s something for everyone. These trails are well-maintained and provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains, making your cycling adventure even more memorable. Find out more:

Skiing in June: A Unique Experience

Skiing in June? Yes, you heard that right! The Pisaillas glacier, accessible from Val d’Isère, offers summer skiing until mid-July. Located between 3300 and 2725 meters of altitude, this glacier provides excellent conditions for skiing, even in the summer months. The road to the glacier from the Bonneval-sur-Arc side is also open, allowing access to the Maurienne side.

Facilities and Accessibility

At the foot of the Pisaillas glacier, you’ll find convenient facilities including the Cascade Restaurant and a ski pass sales point at the base of the chairlift. From here, ski lifts such as the Montets pickaxes take you to the highest points of the glacier, ensuring you make the most of your skiing adventure.

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Whether you’re cycling the high-altitude roads or skiing in the heart of summer, the Iseran Pass and its surroundings offer a unique and exhilarating experience. Make sure to plan your trip during the summer months when the pass is open, and prepare for an unforgettable Alpine adventure. Find out more:

Stay tuned for more updates and tips on exploring the best of the Alps!

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