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Key Features

  • Vehicles for groups of 1 - 55 passengers
  • Dedicated office staff
  • Experienced in winter routes and all aspects of travel

Transport Licence


FMJ VOYAGE is proud to provide you with transfers between airports and ski resorts.

For more than 10 years, our company has continued to evolve and expand with bespoke transport services, and to form partnerships.

We have the flexibility of an SME with the power of a group, what makes us strong is you!

Each client is different, it is our ability to listen to you that ensures that our advice and solutions meet your expectations.

Whether you are a tour operator, real estate agency, tourist office or individuals then we have a service for you!

We have the capacity to transport 1 to 55 people thanks to our business structure, and we adapt our vehicles to your needs. From station wagons to coaches, we can provide you with reservations for a vehicle equipped for winter and long distances.

(Translated to English from French. Original text available on request)


1- Reservation (superceded by Snowcompare payment process when booking through this website).

Deposit and payment of the balance.

The reservation is subject to confirmation after payment of a deposit of 20% of the total amount of the file, the balance upon receipt of the invoice.

The prices indicated in our documentation were established on the basis known as of January 1, 2018 and may be revised at the time of the customer's request.

Prices represent only an estimate of cost. However, prices could change slightly due to unforeseen special circumstances (additional passengers). Our programs specify the rate of the currency(ies) used as a reference for establishing our prices, the amount of taxes or fees or the date on which this data was taken into consideration. Price changes may occur up to 30 days before departure in the event of fluctuations, exchange rates or increases in transport prices.

We advise you to book as soon as possible. All reservation requests will be subject to acceptance of our services. All accepted reservations will be confirmed by fax, telephone or e-mail. At your request, we can suggest the recommended time of your departure. It is your responsibility to determine your departure time, taking into account the risk of delay.

3- Our prices include

- Transport by grand tourer coach

- Tolls

- Parking fees

4- Cancellation fees

In the event of cancellation by the customer, the sums paid will be refunded after deduction of the amounts (cancellation fees) specified below.

Forfeiture based on the cancellation date in relation to the departure date.

- More than 30 days before departure: Administrative fees: €50 (Non-refundable by insurance)

- Between 30 and 21 days before departure: 25% of the transfer price

- Between 20 and 8 days before departure: 50% of the transfer price

- Between 7 and 2 days before departure: 75% of the transfer price

- Cancellation the day before or the day of departure: 100% of the price of the trip

5- Vehicle

The reservation guarantees the transport of the planned number of passengers using one or more vehicles, in accordance with the number of seats authorized by French law. The type(s) of vehicle used depends on current availability. We reserve the right to organize certain transfers with other Taxi or Transport companies if for unforeseen reasons our fleet of vehicles cannot provide the service.

6- Responsibility

FMJ EXPRESS guarantees the proper execution of reservations ordered and strives to deal with service providers who are known for the good quality of their services. However, FMJ VOYAGE, in the event of a failure, FMJ reserves the right to modify the circuit itinerary, to ensure services of equivalent quality. We will not be held responsible for cases of force majeure in general and strikes in particular. We cannot be held responsible for delays and their direct or indirect consequences on your schedule. As well as for any damage, loss, delay, expense or additional inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events or actions external to our company, and not limited to wars, civil disturbances, fires, floods... or any other authorities, accidents, breakdown of machinery or equipment, major traffic problem, heavy weather conditions (snow, hail, etc.) Wearing a seat belt is compulsory, all passengers are required to wear their seat belts when the vehicle is equipped with it. Any breach of this safety in the event of an accident, unrestrained passengers will not be covered by our insurance and will have to pay a possible fine on site and no legal recourse can take place.

7- Baggage

The volume of baggage allocated per person is limited to the volume that a person can move by their own means. For any request exceeding this standard, no problem, just tell us when making your reservation request.

Your baggage remains your responsibility at all times.

8- Complaints

In the event of a dispute: have any non-compliance with planned services noted on site. In the event that the services rendered have not been satisfactory,

FMJ VOYAGE will examine with the greatest attention the complaints sent to it.

However, these must reach him no later than 30 days after the transfer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

9- Special requirements:

It is prohibited to: Smoking or consuming alcohol in vehicles. Obstruct the driver or speak to him (except in an emergency) Obstruct the vehicle doors or the emergency exit physically or with his luggage.