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Key Features

  • Specialising in Geneva airport private transfers
  • 4Matic vehicles with refreshments
  • 4G and 220v outlets Flight monitoring included

Transport Licence

Whitelines Transfers specializes in exclusive transportation services to and from Geneva airport. Throughout the year, we offer reliable transfers to premier ski resorts in Switzerland and France.


In the event of delays, our dedicated team ensures your convenience by accommodating changes to your booking.


Upon your arrival at Geneva airport, an experienced and multilingual driver will warmly welcome you.


Our fleet consists of comfortable vehicles designed for smooth mountain driving in any weather conditions.


Enjoy complimentary WIFI and refreshments in all our vehicles.


Rest assured, our drivers adhere to European standards and are registered professionals.

Article 1: Services and Price.

The services performed WHITELINE-TRANSFERS.COM as regulated by Articles L.231-1 to

L.231-4 and R.231-1 to R.231-9 of the Tourism Code, consists in making available for the

benefit of a customer of a vehicle necessarily accompanied by the services of a driver.

And included in the benefit:

The vehicle of the range corresponding to the reservation of the customer, the remuneration

of the driver, the insurance of the passengers, the fuel, the kilometers and the time included

at the time of the reservation, the transport of luggage within the limit of capacity of the

vehicle, The tolls.

Are not included in the benefit:

Parking fees, The restoration of the driver during a full day service (€18 / meal).

Accommodation requiring sleeping outside the home (actual hotel rate).


Article 2: Reservation.

All pre-booking of a car with driver is mandatory and must be done by the website where at

least 2 hours before by phone. Following your reservation, our customer service

representative will call you to check our availability and confirm your reservation, or will


answer you by (a good for agreement) to confirm that your reservation is taken into account.


Article 3 Rates and methods of payment:

The communicated tariffs include VAT at the rates fixed by the regulations in force for the

transport services.

The price of the service is in Euros.

Payment for the service will be made by Cash or credit card in our website or in the

vehicle. (The company does not take checks).

All additional services to the contract will be paid in supplement, an invoice may be made to

you at the end of the service.

In all cases the customer signing the reservation is solely responsible for the payment of


the service.


Article 4- Method of performance of the service :


The passage of your booking and its validation by our services are worth acceptance of

these terms and conditions of sale and signature of a contract between the two parties. The

execution of the contract begins when you take charge at the place of the place of

rendezvous previously agreed. The final removal of the client terminates the contract.

In case of delay of the customer at the meeting place, the first 15 minutes of waiting are

offered, beyond 15 minutes increments will be charged 10 €. If possible, you must inform us

of your delay by telephone or e-mail us at : contact@whiteline-transfers.com . In case of

absence of the customer at the place of appointment, beyond the first 15 minutes free, the

benefit will be permanently lost, without possibility of postponement and without being able to

claim any refund.


** Special feature for pick-up at the station and airport.

Upon arrival, turn-on your mobile phone.


When mad booking, you are asked to specify a time of arrival. If you do not have checked

luggage, the 30 minutes of waiting included in the race is enough. However, if you have to

pick up checked baggage, the time it takes to get out of the plane, pick up your baggage and

possibly check the police services require quite a lot of delay. To avoid having to pay more for


a waiting supplement time, we advise you to add a delay of 30 minutes to your pickup time.

Any damage caused inside the vehicle will be the responsibility of the customer. Under no

circumstances will the customer be able to require the driver to exceed the authorized speed

limit to commit traffic violations. In the event of a mechanical failure of the vehicle during the

journey, WHITELINE-TRANSFERS will make every effort to ensure the continuity of the

service by all the means necessary to continue the service.

*For airports, 1 hour of free waiting after the arrival of your flight*

Beyond the wait is invoiced for each additional hour:

Any hour started is an hour billed

• 70 € /hour in sedan

• 90€ /hour in VIP & Business

• 80€ /hour in Van

When booking, we ask for your flight number. Thanks to this, we automatically take in to

account any advance or delays of your flight at no cost, we postpone your support, and we

notify your driver.

Example :

Your flight is 30 minutes early; if your trip was scheduled for 3:30 p.m.,

We automatically shift it to 3 p.m.

Your flight is 30 min late; if your trip was scheduled for 3:30 p.m.,

We automatically shift it to 4 p.m.


Here are our booking Tips to avoid paying the wait:

• Add 15 minutes to the landing time for a flight from the Schengen Area

• Add 30 minutes for a flight outside the Schengen Area

• Add 15 additional minutes if you have checked baggage

In the event of late delivery of luggage or lost luggage, the waiting time will be charged.


Article 5- Cancellation of the reservation :

Cancellation for a transfer or a provision.

Any cancellation made by the customer must be notified to us by phone and email at

contact@whiteline-transfers.com , whatever the reason, it will be due, as fixed and fixed

penalties the amounts hereafter:


- After reservation confirmation: 80% of the service TTC.

-2 Days before : 50% of the service TTC.

- 1 Day before : 0% of the TTC service.


Article 6- Non-performance of the contract:

In the event that WHITELINE-TRANSFERS is unable to provide you with the reserved

vehicle, we undertake to offer another vehicle of the same range with one of our



Article 7- Limitation of liability:

WHITELINE-TRANSFERS is released from all liability in the event of delay or

non-presentation of the vehicle if the origin of the reason is due to a third party or any event

that could pose a risk for the customer, the driver or the vehicle.

We must understand by event, all circumstances beyond our control such as:

Roads blocked, strikes, deviations, bad weather conditions, flooded roads, traffic jams,

attacks, interventions by police forces, customs or firefighters, etc ... (This list is not


In case of total or partial non-performance of the service, no compensation may be

due to the customer.


Article 8 - Competent jurisdiction

These general conditions and the contract are written in French and English.

Any natural or legal person, using our services, accepts to accept without reservation

these terms and conditions of sale.

Any complaint must be made by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within a

maximum of five working days after the end of the service with our customer service at the

following address:


6 Rue Claude Louis Berthollet

74100 Annemasse, France

Or by e-mail at contact@whiteline-transfers.com After this period, no claim can be

taken into account. In case of dispute, the only competent jurisdiction is the commercial