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Transport Licence

We are the premier partner for professional ground transportation in the Zermatt Matterhorn Region, offering reliable airport transfers, customized chauffeured limousine services, taxi shuttles as well as park & ride service. We provide transport services across Switzerland and in the neighboring countries.

Vehicle Information:Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Mercedes GLE 53 AMG, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


These General Terms & Conditions shall govern the legal relationship with Bucher Travel Inc. concerning the service of “Alphubel Limousine & Taxi Service. The contract of carriage is concluded by a booking with corresponding confirmation.


The orderer agrees to make these General Terms & Conditions available to the client.



Bookings shall be accepted as long as the requested services are available and the client is of legal age. A booking can be made by telephone, by email or online. With the booking, the client, including his/her accompanying person(s), shall be deemed to have consented to the General Terms & Conditions set forth below and declares that she / he has received them. After confirmation by Bucher Travel Inc., the booking is valid and the General Terms & Conditions are considered accepted by the client.



The scope of services and rate for conveyance conforms to the applicable rate list in each case. The company's rate list applicable at the time the contract is entered into applies. All rates mentioned are in Swiss Francs (CHF) net including taxes and VAT. Bucher Travel Inc. reserves the right to increase the rate under certain circumstances (see section 9). The rates correspond to the vehicle and not the number of persons. For flat-rate agreements, the stipulated rate applies for the stipulated service. Additional services that were not agreed to at the time of booking will be charged for separately, such as


Waiting time: CHF 100.00 per hour

For pick-up at airports for regular flights a 1 hour waiting time limit is included

For pick-up at airports for private flights and charter flights a 30 minutes waiting time limit is included


Driver's overnight accommodation expenses: CHF 150.00


Both parties to the contract are entitled to a right of withdrawal according to statutory provisions. If the order is cancelled at least 3 days prior to the pick-up date, no fees will be charged. The fees for a later withdrawal are as follows:


up to 1 day prior to the pick-up date: 50% of the stipulated rate

less than 24 hours prior to the pick-up time: 100% of the rate


Cancellations are valid only if they are provided in writing (also by e-mail); oral cancellations are valid only after they have been confirmed in writing (also by e-mail) by Bucher Travel Inc..



If the passengers do not show up, 100% of the agreed rate plus waiting time of CHF 150.00 will be charged.


If a client cannot locate the driver at the designated pick-up location and time, he is requested to call immediately Alphubel Limousine & Taxi Service on +41 27 967 15 50.



In principle, a credit card must be specified as the means of payment for each booking. The Bucher Travel Inc. reserves the right to reserve the related amount on this credit card.


6.1 Bank Transfers

Pre-payments by bank transfer in Swiss Francs (CHF) must be made with the note "free of charges for Bucher Travel Inc.". Bank details Bucher Travel Inc:


Bank: LUZERNER KANTONALBANK, Pilatusstrasse 12, 6002 Lucerne, Switzerland

BC-no.: 778

Account no.: 01-00-592682-10

IBAN: CH0900778010059268210


Account holder: BUCHER TRAVEL INC., Pilatusstrasse 27, 6036 Dierikon, Switzerland


6.2 Credit Card Payments

Payments by American Express, Mastercard and VISA credit cards are accepted. Payments will be arranged via an electronic secure payment link in Swiss Francs (CHF). In exceptional cases, payment may be made to the driver. A handling fee of 3% for credit credit card payments will be added.


6.3 Cash Payments

Cash (CHF and EUR) to the driver is possible after the transfer is carried out. Change will be only in Swiss Francs.



The client will be held liable for damage to the vehicles and their interior equipment (excessive soiling of the seats, carpeting, wall coverings, ceiling coverings, and so forth) by passengers, as well as for damage caused by improper use of the equipment by passengers. Smoking in the vehicles is prohibited.



Complaints must be made directly to Bucher Travel Inc. by telephone or in writing (also by e-mail) so that the matter can be clarified with the persons concerned. There is no right to compensation or rate reduction should Bucher Travel Inc. not have been given the opportunity to rectify the complaint immediately.



Bucher Travel Inc. reserves the right to increase the contract rate if this is justified by rate increases from third party suppliers, e.g. transport companies or new or increased taxes/fuel rates, levies or charges and exchange rate fluctuations.


Bucher Travel Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary at any time. These changes will be fully documented and announced as early as possible. Some changes may require the provision of a substitute service of at least equivalent value. Any rate increases shall be borne by the customer.


A claim for damages due to non-fulfilment of the contract does not exist in either case.



The vehicles are provided by Bucher Travel Inc. or by carefully selected transport partners. The vehicles and their occupants are fully insured in accordance with the legally applicable regulations.


Free upgrades to a next larger vehicle are possible unless the customer expressly prohibits this when confirming the offer.



The maximum presence time of a driver is 13 hours, including arrival and departure (empty runs) and rest periods. The legal maximum driving time per day is 9 hours, and the subsequent minimum daily rest period is at least 11 hours. Deviations are possible in exceptional cases and depending on the route. The driver is obliged to comply with the legal working and rest time regulations.



Personal valuables must be kept safe and must not be placed in a vehicle unattended. Bucher Travel Inc. assumes no liability for this. Lost items in the vehicle will be forwarded by mail or FEDEX. Bucher Travel Inc. will charge a handling fee of maximum CHF 50.00 plus any delivery costs.



Bucher Travel Inc. declines all liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, illness, accidents, delay or any other irregularity (non-exhaustive list) howsoever arising or for consequential losses, lost profit, the failure to enjoy the holiday or any other similar claims. Bucher Travel Inc. shall make every effort to ensure that all booked services are carried out as specified in the most efficient and effective way possible.



Bucher Travel Inc. shall not be liable or responsible to the client, or be deemed to have defaulted under or breached an agreement, for any failure resulting in the inability to conduct the offered services when and to the extent such failure is caused by or results from the following force majeure events (non-exhaustive list): (a) flood, fire, or earthquake; (b) declared war, a terrorist act; (c) epidemics or pandemics; (d) government order or law; (e) embargoes or blockades; (f) strikes or labor stoppages; or (g) shortage of adequate power or infrastructure.


If an agreement is terminated pursuant to the terms in this section, Bucher Travel Inc. shall return to client all amounts paid by client to Bucher Travel Inc.



In order to process the bookings and to ensure that the service meets client’s requirements, Bucher Travel Inc. will receive the personal data from the client or from a third party. The client and the third party represent and warrant to Bucher Travel Inc. and shall further ensure that he/she is entitled to collect and disclose these personal data. Bucher Travel Inc. is subject to Swiss data protection legislation and will process data in compliance with the applicable Swiss data protection laws and regulations. Appropriate data security arrangements have been put in place. In particular, personal data shall only be disclosed to third parties insofar as necessary for the service booked.



Swiss law (excluding the provisions on the conflict of laws) shall be applicable. The place of jurisdiction is Dierikon, Switzerland.


Dierikon, July 01, 2023