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How to Prepare for Your Ski Trip

Whether you’re hitting the slopes for the first time or you’re a seasoned skier, it’s always important to brush up on your knowledge when it comes to preparation and practice.

Ski trips can be a busy time with plenty to think about. From packing to fitness, you’ll need to have everything covered to ensure a stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable holiday experience.

To make sure you’re as best prepared as possible, we’ve compiled together our tips, hints and tricks on how to prepare for your ski trip.

Snowboarding in the French Alps

Keeping Yourself Fit

You won’t be able to get back into shape the week before your trip in a crash course.

Skiing is a demanding sport that requires the use of muscles that are otherwise ignored, and you’ll have the high altitude and low temperatures to contest with.  To ensure your body can cope, we’d recommend giving yourself at least two months to train through exercise programmes beforehand.

You’ll need to go specific ski fitness sessions, usually with items such as ‘balance boards’ and in-line skates. Sports such as tennis, football and any quick movement activities will also help to build up your stamina and flexibility.

Regular stretches before your holiday will reduce any stiffness of muscles you may experience in the cold weathers. Always warm up when you stretch or head out to the slopes!

Packing the Right Clothing

Being dressed adequately can transform your skiing experience and give you lasting comfort throughout the day. You’ll need to keep warm, but not too hot, so pack lots of layers and keep the thick jumpers for the nights in at your luxury accommodation.

Woollen undergarments are best for keeping out the cold when wet and are recommended over cotton. Pack ski socks, goggles, gloves, mittens, ski jackets and trousers, as well as a helmet. Be sure to have suitable bags and backpacks.

It’s important to pack right and keep yourself dry!

Booking All the Essentials

This might seem like an obvious point, but getting all of your transport, tickets and accommodation sorted beforehand is utterly essential!

Thanks to Snowcompare, it’s never been easier to find the best deals available when it comes to skiing. Lining up reputable and trusted ski companies, they’ll show you the cheapest and most affordable prices and do the work for you.

Be sure to use this transfer checker when booking your transport from the airport to any chosen resort.

Be Wary of Altitude Sickness

You’re likely to experience some discomfort as you adjust to the change in altitude during your travels. Symptoms can range in intensity and extremity, from headaches to general fatigue. Knowing what to look out for and how to tackle sickness is vital for your trip.

Pack plenty of high-protein snacks to avoid the hefty resort prices, and be sure to have access to drinking water as much as possible. Keep yourself hydrated and limit your alcohol intake during your transfer and pack any medication you might need.

You’ll be grateful to avoid those pounding headaches and spells of dizziness.

Ski equipment check

Getting Your Equipment Sorted

If you’re not interested in buying your own equipment, then it’s a good idea to sort out where you’ll be renting what you need. There’s plenty of choice and your options will vary depending on your experience, budget and ability.

Before you go, speak to your travel agent about pre-paying for ski equipment or head to your resorts local shop website. Pre-booking is highly recommended and you won’t be faced with sudden or unwanted bills.

Planning on making regular skiing trips? It’s always worth buying your own ski boots that you can use again each time you go. They’ll give you protection and better comfort for longer days out on the mountain sides. Just be sure to pick a pair that fit you well!

Make Sure You’re Used to the Skis

While you don’t need to be a top skier, it’s good to have at least some proper training. Consider investing in some foundation lessons and learning the basic techniques and tricks.

Instructors can do much more than just show you the ropes. They’ll let you all the inside knowledge when it comes to the best runs, the most appropriate pistes, and the ways to have as good of a time as possible.

Research the ski schools available at the resort before you go. You can even take some lessons at home prior to get used to your skis.

It’s important to pick the very best places to stay when it comes to a skiing holiday. Alpine Infusion offer award-winning, top quality chalets that boast unique leisure facilities and professional catering.

There’s no superior option for Meribel and Courchevel, so make sure to browse the many chalets on offer and book your spot today!


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