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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Compare Ski Transfers with Snowcompare

We built the Snowcompare website to make booking airport to ski resort transfers easier than it has ever been before. One of the biggest parts of that is allowing you to compare ski transfers for your journey all on one page – with transparent pricing and honest reviews.

So, we’re a little biased – but we think using Snowcompare as a resource to search, compare & book ski transfers is one of the best and easiest ways to get great travel deals. Here are the top 10 reasons comparing transfers before you book will help save you time and money as well as cutting down on your stress levels:

1. Easily find companies working in your ski resort

For busy transport hubs like Geneva airport it can be simple to find a great number of companies offering ski transfers. However, in some smaller or less popular areas of France, Italy, Switzerland & Austria it may not be as simple to find reliable transport services. Using Snowcompare means you can compare ski transfers from companies operating the travel routes you need at the press of a few buttons.

2. Save time contacting individual transfer companies

Ski transfer companies all tend to have different ways of working. Some will allow bookings on their website, some will just show their prices and routes, and others will just ask you to get in touch with them. Why not cut that back-and-forth down to the absolute minimum by comparing those same ski transfers? We monitor availability, and have a simple booking process on our Snowcompare platform.

Compare ski transfers to St Martin de Belleville

 3. Check different travel routes

A large percentage of skiers and snowboarders will need to fly in to their chosen country before using ski transfer services to get up to resort; But there can be multiple flights and airports to choose from. You might be able to get a cheap flight deal on a Tuesday night – but if the only transfer options available are twice as expensive as a Saturday then you may want to reconsider. Using Snowcompare  means you can easily compare ski transfers from different airports and different days of the week until you find the perfect match.

4. View all the transfer options

For groups of 6-8 passengers, door-to-door private transfers provide a perfect option. However, if you are a smaller group you might find the cost becomes prohibitive. A shared bus or coach would actually be a much cheaper ski transfer option. Conversely, if you are a group of over 8 people then you will most likely need to find a company with larger minibuses which can be slightly more difficult. Luckily, we store all the best travel options and show them to you in a straightforward way (shared transfers coming Winter 2018/19).

5. See prices on one page

We know what it’s like when you’re researching a ski holiday; It feels like you fill out a whole notebook with different options, quotes, referrals and bookings. Finding 20 different transfer prices from individual companies will almost certainly find you the best deal – or you could just see all the travel prices on one search page through Snowcompare of course. What’s more – you can save your search results for later, and even share them with the rest of your group via email, facebook, twitter and google+.

6. Read honest customer reviews

If you visit the same ski area year after year then you will probably have a pretty good idea of the companies working in that resort. But what if you decide to visit a new ski resort, or you want to try a different way of getting between the airport and ski slopes? All Snowcompare customers are asked to give feedback about their transfer journey in order to help the next group compare ski transfers based on real reviews. You can be confident that the company you travel with is reliable by checking their feedback before you book.

Compare ski transfers to Les Arcs

7. Check out company information

All our transfer partners write a company profile with images to help your decision process further. We only work with licensed and reliable companies – but maybe you want to check they provide child seats, or that their drivers speak English? – you can read all that in their company profiles. Vehicle type can also be a big decision-making factor and so we ask partners to describe what they work with, and take pictures if possible.

8. Save money

As well as the options to find the cheapest private transfer, and check the availability of low-cost shared transfers; We will very shortly give transfer companies the opportunity to advertise any discounted transfers they may be running. These normally happen because they have an empty vehicle for one leg of the journey, and can lead to some real savings if they fit in with your own travel arrangements.

9. Find transfer availability

We ask our transfer partners to keep us updated about their availability for each day of the winter season. That means we can quickly show you who is available and who is fully booked for taking transfer journeys. Additionally, new for this season, companies will be able to request that you check their availability before making a booking. Just clicking one button and entering your email address sends them a notification to respond to you within 24 hours – and you can do this for multiple transfer providers too.

10. Pay online quickly and securely in € or £

Our secure payment system means that you can pay by debit or credit card and be completely comfortable that there will be no problems. Choose to view prices and pay in € or £ gives even more flexibility for Snowcompare customers.

For all the reasons above, and many more, we genuinely believe that using Snowcompare to compare ski transfers for your next holiday is the way forward. If you have the responsibility of planning a ski trip then why not see what deals you can find on today…


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Efficient and user friendly

Really efficient and user friendly online booking. Will certainly recommend.

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Great service

Great service. Our first preference for ski transfer was unavailable, but the team made enquiries to all their other providers and got us a new transfer booked in at the same price within 24 hours.

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The service form Snowcompare has been excellent. Dave, my contact there, followed up with a very helpful email when I made a mistake in the original booking and all the other comms has been comprehensive and reassuring.

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Excellent booking experience

Confirmed our transfer within hours and as the company we had chosen to go with were booked they immediately found us another company at the same price.

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