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Transfers from Geneva Airport to Les Arcs

Flying to Geneva airport and then getting a transfer to resort is the most popular method of getting to Les Arcs. Every winter thousands of skiers & snowboarders travel this route at the beginning and end of their holiday. Despite Geneva not being the closest airport to Les Arcs (the closest airport is at Chambery), it is the busiest in the region and as such it has many more options in terms of low-cost flights.

The number of tourists travelling this route has meant that there are plenty of transfer options available from Geneva airport to Les Arcs. Private transfers need to be pre-booked in order to get the best prices. Arriving at Geneva without any onward travel plans means you are at the mercy of local taxi companies who will charge a premium for the long journey to Les Arcs.

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Luckily, there are lots of options for private transfers for groups of all sizes going from Geneva to Les Arcs. Whether you are looking for a luxury minibus, the cheapest transfer possible, or something inbetween – it is possible to find with some searching. Shared transfers between Geneva airport and Les Arcs do also exist. They tend to operate more on the weekends, with only a limited service during the week. It is always best to check your Les Arcs transfer options at the same time as booking your flights to ensure you get the best possible travel options.

How to get from Geneva Airport to Les Arcs

The route between Geneva airport and Les Arcs ski resort is interesting in that there is a shortest route, and also a fastest route – but they are not necessarily the same. Equally, the best route to take can depend on where traffic is building up on any particular date and therefore it is important to listen to local advice when planning your journey.

Getting to Les Arcs from Geneva airport always starts the same – going around Geneva city itself and heading towards the Swiss/French border. Once in France, the A41 highway takes drivers towards the city of Annecy – where the two routes diverge. For the shortest route transfers will head towards the huge Lake Annecy and go around the south-west side of the lake towards Albertville. This portion of the journey is done on smaller roads where traffic can back up at busy times, and this is why it can work out as a longer journey time.

Geneva to Les Arcs route

Those people interested more in speed rather than mileage will continue on the A41 at Annecy and travel south towards Chambery before heading east to Albertville (where the two routes join up again). Despite adding some 40km to the journey, the fact that you are travelling on fast toll roads (and paying for the privilege) means the journey time is usually quicker than going round Lake Annecy.

No matter the route, the last part of the journey is always going to be on the N90 through the bottom of the Tarentaise Valley to Bourg St Maurice. From here it is a 35-45 minute drive up the mountain depending on where you are staying in Les Arcs.

Geneva Airport to Les Arcs Transfer Time

The quickest transfers from Geneva airport to Les Arcs (via the toll roads) will arrive in approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes on a good day. Travelling via Lake Annecy means a 3 hour journey time. As with all mountain transfer journeys, this time will increase significantly in bad weather and at peak times.

Geneva Airport to Les Arcs Transfer Distance

Conversely, the shortest route from Geneva airport to Les Arcs is around Lake Annecy and is 175km. Going via Chambery and staying on the toll roads means a fast drive, but clocks in at 215km.

The Cheapest Geneva Airport to Les Arcs Transfers

Getting the cheapest airport transfers between Geneva and Les Arcs is going to be important to most groups. Equally important though is getting these transfers from a reliable, fully licensed company who are going to ensure you travel safely and comfortably. Snowcompare help people find both these things easily. We work with the best local transfer companies and put all the Geneva airport to Les Arcs transfer options on one page along with pricing and customer reviews.

Using to find the cheapest private transfers from Geneva airport to Les Arcs means that:

  • A group of 4 people travelling on a weekday can book a private transfer from Geneva airport to Les Arcs for £226.42 GBP (£56.60 per person).
  • On a Saturday this same journey for 4 people rises to £273.58 GBP (£68.40 per person).
  • For groups of 8 people travelling on a weekday the best priced private transfer is £264.15 GBP (£33.02 per person).
  • On a Saturday a group of 8 people travelling from Geneva to Les Arcs would pay £315.71 GBP (£39.46 per person).
  • The cheapest private transfer price for a group of 16 passengers travelling together from Geneva to Les Arcs at any time would be £600 GBP (£37.50 per person)

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