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What is the Closest Airport to Tignes?

If you’ve booked a ski holiday to Tignes and need to arrange your own travel then you may have questions about what is the easiest way to travel to resort. You’ll need to arrange flights and then airport to ski resort transfers – so the first thing to consider is which airport it is you need to fly in to in order to travel on to Tignes.

In this blog we’ll look at the various options available for travelling to Tignes ski resort. We’ll aim to answer various questions you may have, including:

Chambery Airport is the Closest Airport to Tignes

Put simply, if you want the nearest airport to Tignes ski resort, and the one with the shortest transfer time and distance, then Chambery airport is the one you are looking for.

Tignes ski resort

The distance from Chambery airport to Tignes is 142km. The airport to ski resort transfer time is approximately 2 hours on a good day – rising to 2.5 hours on a weekend. Of all the airports in the local area, Chambery is the one which will get you on the Tignes ski slopes quickest, and will have potentially the cheapest airport to ski resort transfers.

Chambery airport is a relatively small regional airport which only opens during the winter months. The facilities are limited, but it is still regarded as ‘the gateway to France’s best ski resorts’. Ten airlines fly in to Chambery, including British Airways & Jet2. However, there is a much smaller number of commercial flights landing at Chambery than there are at other airports, and as such it can sometimes be difficult to find a cheap flight which suits your travel plans.

Geneva, Grenoble & Lyon Airports Can Also be used for Travelling to Tignes

If it is not possible to use the nearest airport to Tignes then there are several good alternative airports in the local area. By using these three larger international airports it may be possible to get better deals on flights or potentially more convenient flight times and dates.

Eye of the needle rock formation in Tignes

Easyjet offers cheap flights to Geneva during the winter months – as do SWISS and Jet2. Many low-cost airlines fly direct from the UK to Grenoble airport, including Easyjet and Ryanair. Similarly, Lyon airport takes flights from Easyjet and British Airways as well as Air France and Iberia.

Considering one of these other airports when travelling to Tignes will give you more options, and although the transfer distance to the ski resort is slightly longer, it could be a more convenient journey overall.

Airport transfer distances & Times to Tignes

  • Chambery airport to Tignes is a distance of 142km and an approximate driving time of 2 hours on a good day.
  • Geneva airport to Tignes is a distance of 174km (shortest possible route) and an approximate driving time of 3 hours on a good day.
  • Grenoble airport to Tignes is a distance of 215km and an approximate driving time of 3 hours on a good day.
  • Lyon airport to Tignes is a distance of 217km and an approximate driving time of 3 hours on a good day.

(all timings can increase at peak times, on busy dates, and depending on weather conditions).

Which is the Best Airport for Tignes?

This is of course hugely subjective and depends on a huge number of factors. Most important is going to be where you are coming from, when you are travelling, and what price flights are.

Tignes ski slopes

With Chambery airport being the closest airport to Tignes it would seem to be the obvious choice as the most convenient to use when travelling to Tignes. Unfortunately, the smaller number of arriving and departing flights may mean that there is not the availability or low cost flights to make this possible.

Geneva airport is the busiest of the other three airports, and cheaper flights to Geneva are definitely more readily available from a larger number of European cities. The distance from Geneva to Tignes is shorter than from Lyon or Grenoble – but these other airports have their merits depending on where you are coming from and when you are arriving. We would recommend looking at all the available options in terms of flight before choosing which airport suits your travel to Tignes.

The Cheapest Airport Transfers to Tignes

One thing is certain though – once you have booked your flights to any of these airports, the easiest way to find cheap, reliable airport transfers to Tignes is by using We’ve done the hard work by bringing all the best local transfer companies together on one easy-to-use website. Simply enter your Tignes travel requirements and we’ll tell you the best transfers available to suit your needs. We’re here to make things as easy as possible – Search, Compare, Book & Save on Tignes airport transfers using Snowcompare!


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