Chambery to Tignes

Transfers from Chambery Airport to Tignes

The small international airport just outside Chambery is the closest, and potentially the most convenient airport for onwards travel to Tignes ski resort.

Despite being a winter-only operation, Chambery airport has long been regarded as the gateway to the Tarentaise valley and its famous French ski resorts including Tignes.

Tignes Ski Resort

The main benefit of flying in and out of Chambery airport on your way to Tignes is that transfer driving times can be up to an hour shorter from than those from Geneva, Lyon or Grenoble airports. Also, the smaller airport means shorter check-in times, very little walking, and it is usually relatively easy to find your transfer driver in the one arrivals hall.

The closeness of the airport to the French Alps, as well as its location in a valley near a lake, means that Chambery airport can suffer partial closures during bad weather. Flight delays and diversions do occur here during the winter and there is no hard and fast rule in order to avoid them. Chambery airport is still a good option with shorter transfer times and cheaper transfer prices to Tignes than any other airport.

How to get from Chambery Airport to Tignes

The main reason to fly to Chambery on your way to Tignes is the closer proximity than other available airports. Quick access to local highways means that a transfer time of approximately 2 hours is possible on good days. Most drivers will still allow between 2.5 and 3 hours during the winter months though due to snow and slower traffic through the Tarentaise Valley.

Chambery Airport to Tignes Route

At 142km there is really only one direct route to take between Chambery airport and Tignes. This involves taking the toll road and skirting Chambery city before heading East towards the Alps.

Picking up the N90, it can be a slower drive on single lane roads once you reach the head of the valley. This one road takes drivers all the way to the town of Bourg St Maurice where they begin the climb upwards towards the resorts of Tignes and Val d’Isere.

Chambery Airport to Tignes Transfer Time

On weekdays, and in good weather, it is possible to travel between Tignes and Chambery airport in 2 hours or less. On weekends, and particularly Saturdays during the winter ski season, drivers will want to allow between 2.5 and 3 hours to transfer between Chambery aiport and Tignes.

Chambery Airport to Tignes Transfer Distance

Using the most obvious and direct route from Chambery airport to Tignes the distance is 142km – a significant portion of which is done on fast highway roads.

The Cheapest Chambery Airport to Tignes Transfers

The close proximity of Chambery to Tignes ski resort has the benefit of making airport transfers a bit cheaper than those from other local airports.

Private transfer is really the only option worth considering from Chambery airport. The prices are low enough to make door-to-door travel economic for a group, and the low number of passengers arriving means that shared coach transfers are not viable for companies to run.

Using to find the cheapest private transfers from Chambery airport to Tignes means that:

  • A group of 4 people travelling on a weekday can get a private transfer for £207.55 GBP (£51.88 per person).
  • On a Saturday this same transfer for 4 people rises slightly to £221.70 GBP (£55.52 per person).
  • For a group of 8 people travelling on a weekday the best priced private transfer would be £235.34 GBP (£29.41 per person).
  • On a Saturday that group of 8 people travelling between Chambery and Tignes would pay £259.43 GBP (£32.42 per person)
  • For a large group of 16 passengers travelling at any time between Chambery and Tignes the best priced private transfer cost would be £517.58 GBP (£32.34 per person).

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