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Transfers from Geneva Airport to Tignes

As the largest and busiest international airport in the area, Geneva airport (or Geneve Aeroport) is the arrival point for thousands of skiers and snowboarders travelling to Tignes throughout the winter season.

Despite being in Switzerland, Geneva airport is still the most popular travel route to Tignes ski resort for international travellers. There is technically a Swiss side and a French side to the airport – but almost all international flights will land on the Swiss side and then make the transfer journey into France.

Geneva to Tignes transfers

There are several reasons for the popularity of Geneva airport for holidaymakers heading on to Tignes. Predominantly it is the high number of low-cost European flights arriving and departing during the winter months. International flights to Geneva airport with budget carriers such as EasyJet are some of the cheapest and most convenient ways to start the journey to Tignes.

The high volume of flights and passengers arriving and departing at Geneva through the winter months also means that onward travel options are plentiful. Despite the relatively long distance between Geneva and Tignes it is often easier and cheaper to arrange airport transfers than from Lyon, Grenoble or Chambery due to the higher number of transfer companies operating in the area.

How to get from Geneva Airport to Tignes

The most direct route between Geneva airport and Tignes goes around the picturesque Annecy lake before passing through the Tarentaise valley and up the mountain from Bourg St Maurice. At 174km this is the shortest route for transfers between Geneva and Tignes, and probably the most scenic too.

Geneva to Tignes route

However, travelling for much of the way on single lane highways means this way can be susceptible to delays caused by traffic. Geneva airport to Tignes ski resort via Annecy lake will take around 3 hours at normal times, rising to 3.5 or 4 hours on Saturdays and at peak times.

The alternative route to Tignes circumvents the potential blockages in Annecy and travels via Chambery and the much quicker toll roads. While longer in distance at 223km the journey time often comes in sub-3 hours due to the higher speeds of travel allowed.

There is an associated cost for the toll roads however which could add almost 30€ more to the transfer. To keep prices down most drivers will take the Annecy route unless there have been reports of heavy traffic in the area. The toll roads themselves can also become heavily congested around the French holiday weeks, so it is best to let your driver use their local knowledge to select the best route for you.

Geneva Airport to Tignes Transfer Time

Realistically, during the winter months when traffic will be heavier and there is the potential for snow on the roads, you will need to allow at least 3 hours for the journey between Tignes and Geneva airport whichever route your transfer driver takes. On weekends this will rise to 3.5 hours, and it is best to allow 4 hours on peak weekends, and during the late morning hours when everyone checks out and leaves resort.

Geneva Airport to Tignes Transfer Distance

The shorter route from Geneva airport which cuts around Annecy lake is officially 174km. The reliance on single-lane roads for much of the journey can make this actually take longer than the 223km route via the faster toll road highways. On occasions both routes can become blocked though so it is best to let a professional transfer driver make the decision on which is best when you travel.

The Cheapest Geneva Airport to Tignes Transfers

By far the most convenient way to travel from Geneva to Tignes (and vice-versa) is to pre-book a private minibus transfer. This ensures that your driver is waiting for you when you land, knows exactly where you are going, and the best way to get there.

Using to find the cheapest private transfers from Geneva airport to Tignes means that:

  • A group of 4 people travelling on a weekday can get private transfers for £234.04 GBP (£58.51 per person).
  • On a Saturday this same journey for 4 people rises to £264.15 GBP (£66.04 per person).
  • For groups of 8 people travelling on a weekday the best priced private transfers are £259.98 GBP (£32.50 per person).
  • On a Saturday a group of 8 people travelling from Geneva to Tignes would pay £297.17 GBP (£37.15 per person).
  • The cheapest private transfer price for a group of 16 passengers travelling together from Geneva to Tignes at any time would be £600 GBP (£37.50 per person)

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