Lyon to Val d’Isere

Transfers from Lyon Airport to Val d’Isere

Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport lies just over 220km west of Val ‘Isere and is a reasonable option for holidaymakers looking to fly and drive to resort. Despite the distance between Lyon airport and Val d’Isere, the route from one to the other is relatively straight with no major diversions. This makes for a journey time of under 3 hours, and although Lyon is not as popular as Geneva airport it does still see its fair share of passengers going on to stay in Val d’Isere.

With a travel time and distance that is virtually the same as Grenoble airport, Lyon can be a convenient transport hub as long as you can find cheap flights there. The airport itself has modern facilities and is fairly efficient for things like check-ins and luggage claims. Several low-cost airlines fly regular routes through Lyon during the winter months so securing a reasonable flight here should be possible.

Lyon airport to Tignes transfers

Private transfers from Lyon airport to Val d’Isere are easily arranged at any time and day of the week. There are plenty of companies offering taxi services to and from Lyon. Pre-booking a transfer journey is essential though – please do not arrive expecting to arrange a transfer from the airport there and then. This is a certain way to pay over the odds.

Shared transfers from Lyon airport to Val d’Isere are available throughout the week and weekend. Sharing a transfer bus is a more economical way of travelling to Val d’Isere for smaller groups or individuals, but the journey time will be increased by having to make stops in the valley for other passengers.

How to get from Lyon Airport to Val d’Isere

The journey from Lyon airport to Val d’Isere has an almost identical distance and transfer time to the one from Grenoble airport. Indeed, the routes from both airports join together just after Chambery and travel along the same roads for much of the journey.

Lyon airport to Va d'Isere route

From Lyon airport transfers will get straight on to the A43 highway and travel east for almost 140km before reaching Albertville at the beginning of the Tarentaise valley. This is a fast portion of the journey on free-flowing French toll roads. The remainder of the journey follows the same route as all airport transfers to Val d’Isere and snakes through the valley floor on the N90 before heading up the mountain from Bourg St Maurice and reaching Val d’Isere at the far end of the valley.

There is not any reason to take another route to Val d’Isere other than if there are specific problems on the roads when you travel. At peak holiday times, and particularly on Saturdays when the majority of holidaymakers either arrive or depart, the road through the valley can be much slower so it is better to allow more time for the journey.

Lyon Airport to Val d’Isere Transfer Time

On a good day the transfer time from Lyon airport to Val d’Isere is under 3 hours. However, during the winter months when traffic increases and the mountain roads need to be travelled slower due to bad weather, most transfer drivers will leave at least 3.5 hours for the journey.

Lyon Airport to Val d’Isere Transfer Distance

The distance between Lyon-Saint Exupery airport and Val d’Isere ski resort is 221km on the most direct route. Unless there are specific problems on the roads there is no real need to take any other route than this one.

The Cheapest Lyon Airport to Val d’Isere Transfers

Taking a private transfer between Lyon airport and Val d’Isere is the easiest and most convenient way to travel. Pre-booking a vehicle and driver to meet you is essential, and Snowcompare allows you to view multiple quotes on one page so you can find the best possible transfers for your group.

Using to search & book the cheapest private transfers from Lyon airport to Val d’Isere means that:

  • A group of 4 people travelling on a weekday can book a private transfer from £262.26 GBP (£65.56 per person).
  • On a Saturday this same journey from Lyon airport to Val d’Isere for 4 people rises to £301.89 GBP (£75.47 per person).
  • For groups of 8 people travelling on a weekday the best priced private transfer is £301.89 GBP (£37.73 per person).
  • On a Saturday a group of 8 people travelling from Lyon airport to Val d’Isere would pay £330.19 GBP (£41.27 per person).
  • The cheapest private transfer price for a group of 16 passengers travelling together from Lyon to Val d’Isere at any time would be £708.25 GBP (£44.26 per person)

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