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Transfers from Grenoble Airport to Val d’Isere

Flying to Grenoble airport is a good option for travellers heading on to Val d’Isere ski resort. Despite not being the closest airport to Val d’Isere (that is Chambery airport) or the busiest airport in the area (that is Geneva airport) there is still plenty to like about Grenoble.

One of the main advantages to using Grenoble airport when flying to Val d’Isere are the prevalence of low-cost airlines arriving and departing from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Finding a cheap and convenient flight to Grenoble is relatively easy wherever you happen to be. The other advantages are modern facilities, fast access to the roads leading to Val d’Isere, and that Grenoble remains relatively unaffected by any bad weather delays in the region.

Grenoble airport to Val d'Isere transfers

It is easy to get either a shared or private transfer from Grenoble airport and many companies work in the local area meaning that availability is normally not a problem. During the winter it is always advisable to book transfers from Grenoble airport to Val d’Isere well in advance to get the best possible prices though.

Private taxi transfers are the most convenient way of travelling up to Val d’Isere. When pre-booked, drivers will meet passengers direct from their flight and take them straight to their hotel door. The longer journey time between Grenoble airport and Val d’Isere does mean that private transfer prices can be a little expensive, but when split between a group of family or friends the per person price is actually very reasonable.

Shared transfers from Grenoble airport to Val d’Isere can be found, but tend to only work on weekends when the higher passenger numbers allow companies to combine groups and bring down the cost for everyone. Shared transfer will usually mean some waiting time at the airport, but for individuals or couples the cost saving often balances this inconvenience out.

How to get from Grenoble Airport to Val d’Isere

Grenoble-Isere Airport actually sits quite a way from Grenoble city itself. Unless there is a specific problem along the way there is no reason to take a route other than the most direct one.

Grenoble airport to Val d'Isere route

Joining the A48 highway, transfers will drive past Grenoble city and on to the fast A41 toll road to Albertville. As with all transfers to Val d’Isere, at Albertville they will join the N90 which traverses the Tarentaise Valley and takes you past signs for the closer ski resorts like Meribel, Les Menuires and La Plagne. With Val d’Isere located at the very end of this valley all transfers will head to Bourg St Maurice at the foot of the mountains before heading up the winding road to resort.

The D902 road from Bourg is shared by La Rosiere, Sainte Foy, Tignes, and lastly Val d’Isere. It may be necessary to fit snow chains from around halfway up if there is bad weather – and local police enforce this if the snow is particularly bad.

Grenoble Airport to Val d’Isere Transfer Time

On a good day with light traffic, the most direct route from Grenoble airport to Val d’Isere should take under 3 hours to drive. This transfer time does increase during the winter though when traffic is heavier, particularly through the valley and mountain roads. It would be prudent to leave at least 3.5 hours for the journey, and even longer if it is a peak holiday week.

Grenoble Airport to Val d’Isere Transfer Distance

At 217km the transfer from Grenoble airport to Val d’Isere is relatively long. The good news though is that the first part of the journey (from the airport) passes quickly and is done on fast toll roads.

The Cheapest Grenoble Airport to Val d’Isere Transfers

Private transfers between Grenoble airport and Val d’Isere ski resort are the most convenient way to travel. If there is a group of you travelling then the cost per person can be very reasonable too considering the distance travelled. Snowcompare works with the best local transfer companies in order for our customers to compare multiple quotes on one page, and to ensure they get the best deal from a reliable licensed transfer company.

By using to search & book the cheapest private transfers from Grenoble airport to Val d’Isere means that:

  • A group of 4 people travelling on a weekday can get a private transfer for £253.77 GBP (£63.44 per person).
  • On a Saturday this same journey from Grenoble to Val d’Isere for 4 people rises to £320.75 GBP (£80.19 per person).
  • For groups of 8 people travelling on a weekday the best priced private transfer is £329.25 GBP (£41.16 per person).
  • On a Saturday a group of 8 people travelling from Grenoble to Val d’Isere would pay £325.47 GBP (£40.68 per person).
  • The cheapest private transfer price for a group of 16 passengers travelling together from Grenoble to Val d’Isere at any time would be £762.74 GBP (£47.67 per person)

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